Vixen 101 Programme Schedule

1am – 1:30am: Earthbeat with Marnie Chesterton **
6pm – 7pm: Easy Listening Monday
7pm – 8pm: All That Jazz
8pm – 9pm: The Folk Hour with Max Roberts
9pm – 12am: The Fox’s Den Show with Bill Horncastle**

1am – 1:30am: Radio Books **
6pm – 7pm: Country Gems
7pm – 8pm: The Country Show with Peter Fairhead
8pm – 9pm: Classic Classical with Dennis Hartley **
9pm – 10pm: The Fifties Selection
10pm – 11pm: The Folk Show with Max Roberts **
11pm – 11:30pm: Earthbeat with Marnie Chesterton **

1am – 1:30am: The State We’re In **
6pm – 7pm: All That Jazz
7pm – 8pm: Nothing But The Blues with Steve Jessney
8pm – 10pm: Just One More… Soul Show with Toc and Jonah

1am – 1:30: Radio Books **
6pm – 7pm: Soul Shack
7pm – 9pm: The Thursday Night Social with Andy & Sophie
9pm – 10pm: The Retro Rewind with Garry Fuller **
10pm – 11pm: 675 Rock
11pm – 12am: Nothing But The Blues with Steve Jessney **

3pm – 6pm: Friday Drivetime with Eve.
6pm – 7pm: Drivetime Rock with Paul Black
7pm – 9pm: Friday Night Rock Time with Paul Black
9pm – 12am: The Fox’s Den Show with Bill Horncastle

12am – 3am: 675 Rock
10am – 1pm: Saturday Brunch with Dennis Hartley, including Phil High’s Sports Report.
1pm – 2pm: The Retro Rewind with Garry Fuller
2pm – 3pm: Do You Like Good Music? with Chris Render
3pm – 5pm: Tom’s Perfect Playlists with Tom Lowe
5pm – 6pm: Sixties Saturday
6pm – 8pm: The 80s Experience with Paul Bromley
8pm – 10pm: L.A. Connection with Emperor Rosko
10pm – 12am: Rob Langley’s Big Soul Party

12am – 3am: 675 Rock
7am – 7:30am: The State We’re In
8am – 8:30: Earthbeat with Marnie Chesterton
8:30am – 10am: Easy Like Sunday Morning
12pm – 2pm: The Sunday Lunch Show with Bill Horncastle / Dennis Hartley (alternate weeks)
3pm – 4pm: Guilty Pleasures with Peter Fairhead
4pm – 6pm: L.A. Connection with Emperor Rosko **
6pm – 7pm: Vixen 101 Nostalgia
7pm – 9pm: The Album Show with Jerry Wright
9pm – 10pm: Classic Classical with Dennis Hartley
11pm – 11:30pm: Radio Books

At all other times Vixen 101 broadcasts rolling news, information, and music.

** Repeat of last show.

10 thoughts on “Vixen 101 Programme Schedule

  1. Listened to Earthbeat on Sunday morning. What an interesting programme. Will make a point of tuning again to hear.
    Well done.

  2. Many thanks to Chris Render for playing my request “The Hucklebuck” on Saturday 22nd April, it took my wife way back to the 60’s when she was nursing at Chapel Allerton in Leeds. Without doubt the best programme on the best radio station!

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