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  1. hi dad i heard the flood last night did have any sleep last night? keep oing and wheres the good luck bear glad to see the balloons are still there

  2. Hi Paul
    Just found the web cam – been listening this afternoon – enjoyed GR’s tracks – well some of them !!!! Just realised i could have come in and given you some Salmon Fishing Tips to keep you going !!!!!!!

  3. hi dave its reg your faverate techie from work well done so far keep it up watching when i can
    will request a lullaby for you at bedtime just to keep you awake lol
    all the best reg

  4. Hi Paul and team. Could you get James and Jenna to give us a wave. We are watching you on the web cam. Good luck and all the best The Tickton Tribe xx

  5. Well done Dave and Paul keep the entertainment going, a tip for later and maybe a bit of webcam entertainment – the green godess did some good exercise videos – you would need a couple of leotards though!

  6. I’ve added a clock to this page. It’s not _quite_ formatted perfectly but it’s there…. will fiddle and see if I can get it right 🙂

  7. Hi Paul – Spoken to JK this morning – charity bet! every bet he makes is a charity bet, they all go to bookmakers charities !!!! Keep it up you’ll get another wind soon and be dancing round the studio, let me know before you do so I can turn the web cam OFF !

  8. All the best to all at Foxes Den, great to hear Zenith Nadir even with tech hitches 🙂 Web cam not showing tonight. Love this song playing now, great to dance to xx

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