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Working at Vixen 101

Everyone who works at Vixen 101, does so on a voluntary basis, even the management. We are always on the lookout for dedicated and reliable new volunteers who would like to help out at the station.

We often get enquiries from people asking if they can be a “DJ” on the station. “DJ-ing” isn’t something we do at Vixen 101. It’s a term more associated with pirate radio, or what you would do at a disco or a night club. Our presenters do more than simply play music and announce the tracks.

There is a lot more to running a community radio station than just broadcasting in the studio, so we need help in these other areas. We feel that, to show commitment to the station, we like new recruits to prove themselves in other areas of running the station before embarking on broadcasting training, and eventually qualifying to be put on the standby list for programme presenting, in preparation for when a vacancy becomes available.

The many aspects of running the station include:

  • fund-raising
  • sourcing and researching potential interviewees;
  • interviewing local clubs, organisations and individuals, and editing the recording;
  • obtaining advertising and sponsorship;
  • sourcing, compiling and reading the local news;
  • reporting from local football and cricket matches for our sports programmes;
  • working behind the scenes and in the studio on our sports programmes;
  • scripting and compiling the What’s On Guide information;
  • researching and making features about environmental issues;
  • researching, scripting and recording local public information material;
  • helping out at Public Address events and outside broadcasts;
  • general administration work, including following up telephone calls and e-mails, typing up letters and various station documents;
  • contributing to our website.

We often invite potential new volunteers to come and meet us for an informal chat and a discussion about our ”Member’s Agreement” document. If we invite you to join Vixen 101, the Member’s Agreement will form a contract between the volunteer and the management. It is a two-part document with commitments from the volunteer to the station in part 1, and commitments from the management to the volunteer in part 2. An additional section, (part 3) will be issued to members who progress to presentation training in our studios.

We have set our aims at starting small with high standards to produce a good quality output, with a plan to increase the quantity of our output in the future. If you join us, we hope that you agree with our philosophy that quality is more important than quantity, and we hope that you enjoy working with a small friendly team committed to producing interesting and varied radio programming to high standards.

If interested, please send an e-mail to , or write to, Vixen 101, 34a High Street, Market Weighton, YO43 3AH.

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