Sunday 70’s with Gordon Sharpe


Sunday Seventies with Gordon Sharpe
Sundays 2pm-3pm
Saturday Lunch with Gordon Sharpe (alternate weeks)
Saturday 11am-1pm

Gordon loves a challenge, finding songs that you heard a long time ago but nobody plays any more. His Sunday 70s show on Vixen will feature some forgotten 45s as well as classic songs from that decade. Maybe there’s a 1970’s track that you would like to hear again? Not one of the big hits that everyone else plays but a song you’ve not heard for ages…?

If you would like to request a song or have a mention on Gordon’s 70’s show, contact Gordon Sharpe directly by any of the following methods.
Please note that these shows are usually pre-recorded so any request will be for a future show. Tell Gordon who you are, where you are and why you want the song and leave a contact email address so he can let you know when the request will be on the show.

Gordon also does the Saturday lunchtime show on alternate weeks with Paul Stellings. This show has the Weekend Sports feature at 11.30am plus Whats On, Talking Tech, Talking health and local interviews as well as a real mix of music from back in your memory to the hits of today.

Telephone :- 01430 497107 (answering machine, only for Gordon’s shows)
Text :- 01430 23 66 66
Email :-

Gordon is ‘sort of retired’ due to disability and long-term illness but loves doing his radio shows for Vixen as well as a couple of Internet stations. He became a DJ in 1975,  in nightclubs from the start working all over Yorkshire. He started a radio station similar to Vixen about the same time but had to leave in 2011 when his health became an issue.

His music collection covers all kinds of styles and decades, the 70’s is when he started buying his music collection which developed over the years into box after box of CD’s. There isn’t any particular artiste or type or music that Gordon prefers, he just enjoys a nice mixture – like you’ll hear on Vixen 101.

His favourite 70’s night was a pub in Doncaster in the late 90’s where the regulars would ask for 70’s songs, the deal was that if Gordon played it they would buy him a pint, if he didn’t have it then he had to buy whoever requested it a pint. Thankfully, Gordon used taxi’s to get home back then…

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